Maré Has an Intern!!

Yep, it's finally happened, folks!  We have an intern and her name is Alex.  And she's awesome.  She is a Howard University grad (class of 2016!) with a major in Interior Design and minor in Graphic Design.  She works at the Apple Store and she's applying to grad school.  Best of all, and really most importantly, she loves Beyonce!!  What other qualifications are needed, I ask you?

In all seriousness, she's creative, she's fun, and has lots of ideas about social media and all things computer related.  I can't wait to see what she's going to do with our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  You can keep up with her handiwork on Maré's social media accounts.  And she's promised to keep Beyonce-related posts to a minimum . . . well, she'll try to her best.  It is Beyonce after all. :-)

Ebise Bayisa14 Comments